Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Trying a new technique

Long time no post! Long time no hobby, actually. With the COVIDs, I've been on furlough and have been inspired by several painter's on YouTube. So I figured, might as well break out the brushes again!

Up to this point, I've tried three different techniques for my wee Scotsmen:

  • Base coat and Army Painter Dip (cheap and not so chipper)
  • Three Color Technique (a la Kev Dallimore, et al)
  • Saxon Dog's Technique (blocking colors, washes, and highlights over a dark washed, white primer
Most of the video's I've seen on YouTube lately have started from a zenithal prime and then used inks, glazes, or "contrasts" paints to build up from there.

Here is my first attempt at zenithal priming with auto store rattle cans (that's what I had):

I see what people mean about the auto primer nozzles: the fan shape makes the spray tough to control. I had to hold the can sideways for the zenithal white coat.

Not sure how far I'll take this. Some people seem to go wild with adding more highlights on the primer layer before color blocking. And then some go wild with more washes and highlights after color blocking. I guess we'll see how the spirit moves me - and if it moves me to post again in the next *five* years!  =]

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