Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New book!

Well, my Father's Day present finally arrived and I'm loving it:

I've already jumped in and started following his first tutorial with my new test levy. Here he is with just the flesh shade tone (AP Leather Brown) done:

I have to say even with those big ham fists of his, leaving black lines between the fingers was a challenge for me. I used my 3/0 Kolinski Spotter and had to go back in a touch up a bit with the black primer again. I suspect there will be a lot of that in my near future. After the enamel primer dries I'll go back in for the flesh mid tone (AP Barbarian Flesh). So far, so good!


  1. you will find the more you paint the quicker you will get at paint placement for the shades. Do not be discouraged if your first go turns out not as you wish.

  2. I've gotten the flash tones done, and as you suspected, I'm not too fussed about them. I'll get some pics up soon anyways though. I feel like I need a smaller brush. The smallest of the Rosemary & Co. spotters is 3/0 though, so I've ordered up a 5/0 spotter from Da Vinci. Should be here tomorrow.