Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My new teeny-tiny brush

Well, I've read that sizes vary from one brush maker to the next. I guess I've got a good example on my hands here.

I've written previously that I felt like I needed something smaller than my Rosemary & Co. 3/0 spotter. Since that's the smallest she makes in that line I went with a Da Vinci 5/0 extra short spotter that I found on Amazon. It's a pretty dramatic difference visually:

The picture was taken under the 6x magnifier lens on my old man lamp. Part of the difference may be due to the Da Vinci being an 'extra short' brush and thus missing much of the 'belly' that the Rosemary & Co has in spades. I'll try them out tonight and see what I think, but I suspect I may still something in between.

EDIT: In order to present a more 'apples to apples' comparison, I cleaned and pointed both brushes. Here's the after shot:


  1. There is a big difference in the point on those and the one on the left is the better brush looking at this picture the point is better defined.

    1. The one on the left (the 3/0) was actually looking a bit fluffy so I mouthed it to get a better point. I didn't do that to the 5/0 (on the right) since it had just arrived in the mail and god knows where it has been!

    2. Is there a possibility of convincing Andrew to post on what to look for when choosing a brush?

    3. Until Andrew does so, Gareson posted this link to an excellent blog article on the subject: http://www.paintrix-miniatures.com/articles.php?&art=8&page=1

  2. To echo what Andrew said, if the brush has no 'body' it won't hold enough paint to do anything and almost certainly won't retain its point. Rosemary & Co. are a good company - use'em all the time.

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