Friday, June 28, 2013

Lead Poisoning?

I think I have 'lead poisoning.' I told myself I would not buy any more figures until I got this Scots warband painted up. But I really had to have a priest for my Scots warlord stand though. I really liked the one I saw in the Foundry King Arthur Command pack (especially the way they have him painted up in tartan). I blame that books series I am reading now.

And I figured I could use the rest of these fine lads for a Dux Britinarrium army. So it begins. Not only too many figures, but too many rule sets as well!


  1. lead addiction hits us all, plastic is worse because you get so much more per pound.
    Peace James

  2. Yours is a very mild case, however it only gets worse and there really is no cure for it!!!

  3. I'm afraid you're doomed! The lead is only the first stage, soon an unhealthy addiction to plastic miniatures develops - go and have a look at James' latest post! :D

    1. I saw it! Boxes and boxes without end...

  4. The actual term for this is "shineybloodyitis". First discovered by Fran the Angry Lurker. It is a fully recognised condition of all good gamers