Monday, June 24, 2013

Inspiration (part 2)

Continuing the theme of books that inspire, here is a work of non-fiction that's been a great reference as I (ever so slowly) paint my Scots forces:

What I found particularly useful for my Dark Ages forces was the information about which warlords and their clans clashed with which, as well as what mercenary forces aided them. It made my want to paint up some 'Swords for Hire' to partner with my Scots. Perhaps some Norse-Gaels from Orkney or the Isle of Man.

If you are interested in the Irish, Scots, or Britons I recommend the book. It's got excellent Angus McBride color plates as well. Being from 1988, I have to imagine the information is a little dated though. I've got some recent books on my wish list, but this one was a steal I purchased 'used' from Amazon.


  1. was looking through this very book only yesterday. very good reference

  2. Abreast book , reminded me to go and look at it