Thursday, August 15, 2013

My Warchest

I finally broke down and ordered one of Sally 4th's Warchests. The shipping to the States was a turn-off, but since they used one of my ideas I kind of felt like I had to get one.  It arrived with no instructions. They haven't put those together yet according to the kind bloke that answered my emails. He was very helpful though and answered all my daft questions as I'd never messed about with MDF before.

I'd seen Legos used to square up miniature construction projects in an issue of Wargames Illustrated. I couldn't seem to track down any Legos, so I used some of my daughter's alphabet blocks instead.

The guy from Sally 4th recommended rubber bands to hold things together while the glue set. I only had one big enough to round the whole thing though.

Here's the finished storage box with the 25mm insert and the Perspex lid. The latter being my idea.  =]

Here is my numerically unimpressive levy force going for a ride. I gave the box a bit of a tumble and shake to see how well the insert did at keeping the figures standing upright.

For the most part it did a fine job. It won't take a serious jostling, but as long as one is relatively careful I think it will do just fine. One of the figures repeatedly had issues though. The levy laboriously painted has a cape that is rather large and windblown. I think this raises his center of gravity too much and makes him prone to falling over.

I ordered the 2mm thick insert and in hindsight I probably should have gotten the 3mm one.  I'm tempted to order another 2mm and plop it on top of the current one. The shipping one one insert would be ludicrous though. I may see what I can jury rig on my own. There is that 3D printer at my new job...

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  1. One more thing occurred to me after I posted this. I might have been overly zealous sanding the edges of the base of the levy with the big cape. I suspect that it's not as tight a fit in the insert now. I might try inserting some cardstock in one of the holes to try to shim it up.