Saturday, August 10, 2013

Finally back at it!

It's been a while since I posted anything. We had a week vacation out in California and on our return we all got sick. One of the hazards of air travel, I suppose. I started a new job last week as well, so things have been a bit hectic around here.

I glued my test levy's spear on and painted it before I left. I think I might have left too much of the black basecoat exposed. Next time I will try to make that more subtle.

Upon return, I hit the spear with gloss coat and then when it dried, sprayed it with Dullcote. It may have bit a tad bit too humid though. His mustache seems to have a strange white, shiny bit on it (see below). I feel like it's in the matte finish as I can only see it from certain angles. I think Florida is just too humid for sprays and I've ordered some brush on acrylic matte.

I tried re-glossing and re-matting that part of his mustache but the white spot still seems to be there. I may left it as is or try to black it out with a very fine felt tip. Next up, basing! 


  1. he looks fantastic great work all round

  2. Very nice looking figure. You could just put some snow on the base and say the white is snot frozen on his mustache. I vaguely remember my Dad's when we lived in New Hampshire. ;).

    1. Ha! Good one. I used to live in NH too. I was born in Nashua and my family moved to FL in '79.

    2. We lived in Hanover and then Lyme '75 - '77.