Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mock Battle

After some discussion that followed a previous post, I decided to take some snaps of the dipped and highlighted levies at a distance.

With all the extra time devoted to him, our three color method levy seems to have gotten a big head. He rather fancies himself a hearthguard now and has taken on all three of the plebeian dipped levies!

As you can see, they all look pretty good at this distance. Up close I really can't stand the dirty look of the dipped figures though. So unless an actual game of SAGA appears on the horizon, I'll be slowly plugging along with the three color method.


  1. enjoy your "plugging" I will enjoy following your efforts. I think you will find speed increase with experience
    Peace James

  2. AS James has said the more you do the quicker it gets, and your three colour figures look great.

  3. Your latest certainly looks a lot brighter and more detailed than the dipped models, so the extra work is definitely worth the effort you've put in. I look forward to seeing team 3C getting some additions :)

    I do like washes, but tend to use them in a more targeted manner and use a wash relevant to the colour for just the reason you've pointed out.

  4. Ultimately it's what makes you happy. To me the three color gut just looks brighter at a glance. When you really look at him you see the detail and the artistry. I think stick with what makes it satisfying for you.