Friday, July 19, 2013

Varnish Test #2

So I decided to do another varnish test since the first one proved inconclusive. I did a couple things differently this time around. For one, I took photos all the way through the process so that if some type of defect appeared I could determine at what stage of the process it happened. I also decided to put some acrylic paint on the test subject, as gloss varnishing over a figure painted only with enamel undercoat was not an "apples to apples" test.

Humbrol Matt Black Enamel Undercoat
First Coat of AP Matte White

Instead of just slopping some white paint over the undercoat, I decided to use this as an opportunity to practice my brushwork. I attempted to leave the usual black edges while using my larger brushes (a size 0 spotter for the most part and a size 000 for the face). I tried keeping the paint diluted as well. That was struggle as usual.

Second Coat of AP Matte White
Humbrol Gloss Coat

My goal was to get the paint the consistency of 'single cream' (as per Dallimore). But I paint so slowly the paint dries on the palette and on the brush (I skipped the wet palette this time). When the paint was really 'wet' I struggled to get it to stick to the figure. This resulted in a lot of extra brushstrokes that left some obvious marks behind. As I mentioned before, I think this problem will resolve itself as I get more confident and start painting more quickly. It sure is a pain right now though.

Two coats of Testor's Dullcote

Well, I don't know if I've proved anything except that I am painstakingly thorough. This figure looks fine to me. Other than some gloopiness in the matte white coats. At least I'm satisfied that the gloss varnish isn't bunko and I've gotten in some low-stakes brushwork practice to boot. Onward to the real figure!


  1. not quite sure what your are trying, but to be honest with you I think you are over thinking the whole process. Get some colour on them and get them gaming. With out causing offense these figures are not of the highest level of detail for you to be spending all your time on them after all they are your levy and will die quickly in their first game just to annoy you.
    Peace James

    1. Believe it or not this is fun for me. My goal was to experiment with different techniques and materials, and experiment I shall! =]