Thursday, July 4, 2013

Hair Doo

Here's my three color method test levy with his hair freshly done:

The base color was going to be the same as his cloak, but I figured that would never do: he'd look like Crystal Gail. So I added in some red and a wee bit of yellow to try to give it slightly more orange hue.

Other than basing, I think he's pretty much done. The only thing I'm tempted to do still is touch up some of the black borders that I accidentally painted over. Not sure I can do this without messing up all the work I've put in already though. We'll see how daring I feel tomorrow night!


  1. great work if you produce the rest at this standard the force will look epic
    Peace James

    1. Thanks, James. I would like to take my time with these, but we'll see how impatient I become to get my warband on the table. =]

  2. Nicely do, I have to keep a 'recipe book' of hair colours - the memory isn't what it used to be!