Monday, July 1, 2013

Three Color Cape

Here I've attempted to paint my test levy's cape with the three color method. Once again I've gone too light with mid-tone and highlight color and had to go back and hit them with a wash. I'm not entirely happy with the results, but I'm not dissatisfied enough to do it again:

I hope you enjoy the very photogenic background I downloaded off of the teh interwebs.

The hyper-observant among you may have noticed some other changes as well. I went back and tried to tighten up his legs a bit by adding more base color and shrinking the shade color. Also, despite what I told myself (and you, my loyal viewers), I attempted to paint some eyes on him. This is just as hard as they say it is and necessitated repainting most of the face. I still need to shrink the eyes some. I think I might need a 10/0 brush to do it though. I have no idea how some people can paint two-tone eyelids on these little guys.

While I was working I noticed a flat spot on his head that has no hair texture. You can see it in the third photo. I guess I'll have to X-acto some grooves into that patch?

Anyhoo, getting pretty close. Hair, belt, basing and we are done!


  1. Looking really good. So how long did the figure take to paint as opposed to other methods?

    1. Sadly, I've not been very diligent in tracking time so far on these figures. I have to guess the AP dip is quicker, but the three color method is more fun. I'll try to clock the next batch. Once some of the bumbling is out of the way!

  2. Looking great, picking the right shades is one of the hardest parts I feel
    Peace James