Saturday, April 20, 2013

So Much for the Bristles

Well, I knew something was off. For some reason I preferred my synthetic bristle Army Painter "Hobby" brush (that came thrown in with the starter paint set) over the fancy sable hair "Wargamer" brushes. I just couldn't seem to get the paint where I wanted to with the Wargamer brushes.

After a quick inspection and some googling, I found out why that is the case. I had washed all the brushes in hot water. Evidently that's not good for sable. I guess the little critters don't encounter too much hot water out in the wild. Here's what my "points" look like:

I ordered some brush cleaner and conditioner. It's probably too late for these, but it will help my next batch of brushes. Luckily they didn't cost that much, so it won't sting too badly to replace them.

In the plus column, I did finish all of my color blocking tonight for my three test case Scots levy.

Not too shabby considering this was my first attempt and my brushes were fubar.


  1. I have washed my sable brushes in hot water (with brush soap) for years with no issues. What kind of brush is that ...I've never seen white sable brushes before. Hot water shouldn't make brush hairs splay like that...did you get paint down in the metal part of the brush by chance?

  2. It's the Army Painter Wargamer Detail brush. It only looks white under the bright LEDs of my my magnifier lamp. I tried to only get paint on the first third of the brush, so I doubt I got any down the ferule. All three of my Army Painter brushes did this, so I suspect it's something I'm doing rather than a manufacturing fluke.

  3. Hot water is definitely not the issue, however. I once bought some Army Painter brushes and they splayed like that...the quality just isn't there and they aren't fine sable. I would recommend Winsor & Newton, Raphael or Da Vinci brushes...they are rwal Russian sable and I've had some for many years that still hold a fine point. I use hot water and the brush soap("The Masters" kind that you bought) with success. Also, here is a tip...unless it bothers you, lick your brushes back into their original shape(fine point) after cleaning...that way they dry in that form. If you need any more help just ask...I struggled with brush maintenance for years myself. It all comes down the quality and care.

  4. Hate to spam your comments, but here is a great article(be sure to check out her gallery too...inspirational painting)...

  5. Spam away. I appreciate the help! =]

  6. Its not the hot water at all, I always wash my sables in hot water, its definitely the quality of the material used in the brush, army painter while sable is of poor quality. Gareson is most correct go for a bit of quality in the tools you will be using daily