Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Kit

While I waited for all my SAGA stuffs from various parts of the world, I had plenty of time to piece together a suitable workspace and the appropriate tools.

My workspace has an additional constraint: it needs to be a portable affair. Our current domicile just isn't large enough to offer a dedicated space and leaving it on the dining room table will not please the wife or keep my four year old daughter away from potential harm (to herself and/or my minis).

After much agonizing and googling, I opted for some bargain-basement plastic organizer bins from the local branch of the Chinese Home Depot. I debated a tiered ArtBin or a fancy, metal toolbox, but in the end I settled on the narrow, organizer bins because they could be arranged around my workspace and keep everything at arms reach.

The bin on the left has all my basing supplies. The top bin has paints, empty bottles, and some metal figures I have not yet started on. The right-hand bin has a smaller organizer within for brushes, files, etc. As well as a chunk of "pluck & pull" foam for holding WIP miniatures.

All in all, I'm pretty pleased with how it worked out. And it all stores away neatly atop a bookcase (out of reach of curious little fingers).

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