Friday, November 29, 2013

Marching Fort corner (part 1)

I was unsatisfied with cutting the the pink foam with the coping saw, so I went by the hardware store near work during lunch and scored one of these beauties. Night and day, hands-down a better tool for the job.

Last night I did some sketching and tonight I cut the foam for a corner section. I was amazed at how much more precise the cuts were. I was ready to build Troy out of pink foam!  =]

The cut below was a little rough. Not sure if my technique was off or if there is actually a grain to this stuff?

I guess a square corner section might make more sense, but the only big plywood bases I had were rectangular. Meh... 


  1. You have convinced me to attempt a similar project. I am aiming for 15mm and thinking of using toothpicks for the palisade wall.

    1. I'm happy to hear that! Please be sure to post about it. Maybe we can learn from each other...

  2. Here's some inspiration for us both: