Thursday, October 31, 2013

Marching Fort wall section (part 3)

Here we have the project so far with the glue dried.

The reason I glued the cross beam on at this early stage was so I could remove the log wall for texturing and painting.

So far so good. One of my foam cuts was not so square though. And it happened to be on one of the sides that will need to butt up to another fort section. I trimmed a little shim of pink foam and glued it in place to try to true it up.

And then a thin layer of lightweight spackling to seal the deal.

I'm going to let this dry and resume tomorrow.


  1. This is coming along well, keep it up
    Peace James

  2. This will look great when done. How many pieces are you going to be making?

    1. Ideally I'll make half a fort. But the more complicated pieces are yet to come: corner towers and the gate. I suspect I'll need to make several saving throws against my enthusiasm. =]

  3. This is progressing well, keep up the good work