Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Marching Fort wall section (part 2)

And now for something completely tedious. Pointing the bamboo BBQ skewer 'logs.'

Actually it wasn't so bad once I got into a groove. It was kind of meditative actually.

A couple of pointers (no pun intended):
  • I wanted to use the pencil sharpener to make the points, but because of the grain of the bamboo it tended to splinter the skewer. Whittling with the X-Acto worked better.
  • Point the stake before cutting to length. Because when whittling, as Maury the Mohel says, "sometimes a little extra comes off the top."
Another issue with the bamboo skewers is that they each seem to have a dark and light side (don't we all!). The dark side was quite a bit tougher than the light side. This tended to make my points lean in one direction. I don't think that will be noticeable when all is said and done though.

Once they were shoved about a quarter inch into a slot I carved into the pink foam with  the X-Acto, the next step was to glue a cross beam across the top of the fence. The picture shows two beams, but the lower is just there to make sure the binder clips had a good purchase.


  1. all looking great, looking forward to seeing the finished product
    Peace James

  2. Very nice. I need to do some of these for my Roman project.