Saturday, May 11, 2013

Once more into the Bleach!

Well, my new primer finally arrived. I hate ordering from Amazon on a Friday - it completely negates the benefits of Prime membership. After dutifully checking the hygrometer, I sprayed the three test figures yesterday. It took three light coats to get them covered but I'm really happy with the look and texture of this primer. Here's a peek at the minis:

However, after this coat of primer I found STILL more mold lines. Aaaahhh! So I scraped and buffed them again then threw them back into the degreaser. I'm really bad at getting rid of flash. Sometimes you have to hold the figure at exactly the right angle to see it. The magnifier lamp I bought helps, but for some reason the white primer really made them jump out. I guess that's good?

I jokingly titled one of my previous posts "A Primer Primer." Obviously I'm in no position to be teaching anyone about primer at this point. After the high humidity incident, I went looking for advice and found this much more informative, similarly-titled post: "A Primer on Primer"

I think I might have to switch to a more cost effective degreaser at this rate. I really like the Dawn Power Dissolver. It works pretty quickly and smells darned good, but I can probably get a gallon of some no-name stuff for the same price. Hopefully, all this reverse painting will come to an end soon and price of degreasers will no longer be an issue.

I realize I am perhaps being a bit anal about all this. Maybe some performance anxiety is at play here, but I genuinely want to do a bang-up job with these little men. And I'll not have any mold lines, dammit!

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