Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Beer for SAGA?

Haven't made much forward progress with the minis over the past week. Its been raining cats and dogs here in central Florida so I haven't wanted to spray paint or varnish due to the humidity.

I did strip my minis by soaking them in a mild degreaser. It was pretty wild how they shed their skin afterwards under hot, hot running water! I made another pass at primering them with the AP Barbarian Flesh, but I think I must have held the can too far away. The minis were all dusty looking. Almost like they were flocked. Back into the degreaser. At this rate I should buy the stuff by the drum!

I also had issues with the spray nozzle. It sometimes wouldn't spray. It sometimes wouldn't STOP spraying. It sometimes spat out big droplets of paint. I think it must have been the humidity. Even though the rains had stopped it was still about 86 percent. I've broken down and ordered some white auto primer from the Amazon. I haven't given up on the AP primer yet, but I'm close!

While I wait for the auto primer, I'm enjoying a few of these:

"The goddess Sága and the god Odin merrily drink as the cool water flows."



  1. Consider brush-on primer if you are limited by the spray can(weather/it clogs up, etc.). Vallejo makes great brush-on primers. I actually prime using them through my airbrush but you can definitely, as their name suggests, apply them via brush. You don't need to think them or anything, Vallejo has the right consistency right out of the bottle to coat the mini without covering details.

  2. Yeah, brushing may be the way to go. (I can do that indoors (as long as it's not too stinky). That will help control humidity a lot.