Friday, December 27, 2013

Marching Fort corner (part 4)

Finally making some progress again after the holy-days. Here are the BBQ skewer stockade walls right after cutting and pointing them. They are just stuck in for fit testing.

Here they are glued into the base. They were first glued to the cross-members and then dry-brushed various shades of grey and brown. I used shorter half-rounds for the cross-members this time. On the last wall section a single, round, cross-member went all the way across. That's one tall tree! Plus, you know my motto: you can't change enough things. I also hit some of the larger stones on the terrain with some greys.

I had an issue when I got started this evening. Red, gold, and green glitter on my model. It seems a Christmas card ended up on the what doubles as my work space and before I knew it was everywhere. Damn stuff a nuisance if you ask me. Perils of crafting during the holidays I suppose...

Getting close to finishing this one up. Next up, some spackle and paint on the ends, a coat of matte varnish, some clear varnish to make the ditch look wet, and then some random foliage bits. Then onto the next section. Maybe the gate? I guess at some point I'll have to revisit my first wall section and make it look more like this one.


  1. I think I've mucked with my white balance somehow. The pictures at the top are more representative of the color of the terrain.

  2. Looking great a whole fort like this will look ace :)
    Peace James

  3. I am really enjoying this project. I can't wait to see the pieces together.

  4. From Tony Harwood (Dampfpanzerwagon).

    If you are interested in having a copy of the book - Building Wargame Terrain.

    Please contact me at;
    dampfpanzerwagon (at)


    Tony Harwood

  5. Waooow :D Excellent, maybe too much work for a full fort but maybe a small motte or fortified farm.