Monday, September 23, 2013

Three Colour Method (attempt 2 & 3)

Here are a few shots of my next two levy painted with the three colour method. Just gotta stick some spears on 'em and get them based up. Once that's done they can have a proper 3-on-3 battle with those plebeian, dipped levy.

Funny, I accidentally left the spear off of the first figure I painted. Now I like not having to work around the weapon when painting faces, so it's become a habit.


  1. Looking very nice, you have the method cracked

  2. Looking great, you may find your spears become very fragile when gaming as you are only sticking them to the paint.
    Peace James

  3. Nice work the method looks good im lazy base wash base highlight is my usual route these are looking great i always have a nightmare putting wire spears on

  4. They are looking really good. I do have to agree with James though. By painting first and then adding the spears, you will be sticking paint to paint, which will cause a real weakness in the model as paint isn't the strongest of support substances ;)

    I really need to give the three colour style a go when I get my paints back.

  5. Thanks for the kind words all. Paul/James: I do glue metal to metal. I don't paint the inside of their wee hands and although I usually paint the whole spear, I scrape the paint off where the hand will be glued. I also use a bit of 'liquid' green stuff to help the spear set into the hand. I haven't gamed with them yet, but so far so good.